Full House

Repairs & Renovations

1717 Peeples Street, Suite D

Columbia, SC 29203

(803) 606-7207





We design, build and service Professional Projects

throughout Columbia and surrounding areas.


Our Residential and Commercial Services include:


*Room and Section Additions


*Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades

*Handicap Conversions

*Water, Fire and Insect Damage Repair

*All Flooring Types including Ceramic Tiles,  Hardwoods, Corks, Laminates, Carpets,       

and Vinyl.

*Garage Conversions and FROGs

*Decks/ Patios/ Porches: Installations, Enlargements, & Refinishing 


*Window Replacements

*Interior and Exterior Painting

*Vinyl Siding

*Drywall and Ceiling Texture